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NSG Estate AS

It all took shape in 2016. Norway Steel Group was renting an office space in the facilities that once housed part of the Lundetangen Brewery. The landlord wanted to sell, and we asked ourselves the question why not buy instead of renting. The office space was purchased, and the company Oscarsgate 2b AS was establish. Still there was no plan for Norway Steel Group entering into real-estate. But when we purchased  a beautiful old town house on the banks of the river Rhein in the city of St. Goarshausen, Germany, we had to make the decision establishing a real estate holding company. Not only to manage our real-estate interest, but also to separate our focus on Norway Steel Group’ core business.
NSG-Estate sounded as the right name. Where NSG is the abbreviation for Norway Steel Group. Since the founding in 2018 more projects and subsidiary companies have been established and added to the NSG Estate Group. And we have no plan to stop now.

LGN Equity GmbH

LGN Equity, abbreviation for Lorley-Germany-Norway. The sole purpose of the company is to invest and rehabilitate old town houses in the Middle-Rhein area in Germany. One of the most spectacular nature Germany has to offer. It takes a lot of effort, patience and commitment to rehabilitate old town houses. Not only the many restrictions ensuring that the architectural integrity is kept and looked after. The greatest challenge is to turn the old technical systems into modern, user friendly and sustainable environmental friendly solutions. Without jeopardising or damaging the old design and craftmanship.
Some might say that rehabilitating old town houses is a passion, more than a financial sustainable investment. We see it differently. By taking care of our heritage and present it to the public for them to enjoy and experience, will always pay off.

If you’re interested in getting to know and experience the magic of the Loreley and Middle-Rhein region, than the best place to start is spending some time in one of our accommodations in the city of St. Goarshausen. For booking and/or investment, please contact the management of LGN Eqyity. Or visit the homepage of “Das Loreley Weinstübchen”.

NSG Estate Indonesia PT

Our latest member of the NSG Estate Group. Established in 2021. Why Bali, you might ask. It’s just another tourist island for mainly Australians and Asians. You think you know Bali? We can assure you, that there’s enough to explore on Bali for a whole lifetime. From the sandy beaches to the highland, volcanoes, rice fields, jungle, temples, culture, food. The list is endless.

Bali is one of the few places on earth with a soul and spirit. You feel it the minute you set foot on this mystical Island. The same feeling people refer to when going to Svalbard in Norway, or Berlin in Germany, or Lasa in Tibet. It’s hard to explain. You just have to experience it for yourself.

With the magic in place, and since Bali has so much more to offer than the sandy beaches, we thought what better place to invest and expand our real estate entity. After exploring the island, getting to know the business culture, and carefully selecting our partners. It was time to put words and dreams into action.
The first project was carefully chosen in close proximity to Denpasar, the capital of Bali, and the beach. Not directly at the beach, but instead trying to capture some of the surrounding nature and endless rice fields. The five semi-attached high standard villas with private pools, is a good start for anyone who wants to invest in their own place in Bali.

For more details about our projects in Bali, please contact our local management. They will be more than willing to show you around and discuss potential investments. See you in Bali.

Lundeparken Kontorpark AS

It all started with purchasing the office space in the facilities on the 5th floor of the old brewery in Skien, Norway. In 2020 the whole 2nd floor, including the wooden brewery master office was put up for sale. It would take a lot of afford and financing to make it into a todays modern office facilities. But it was just the project to our liking. The first clients moved in early 2021. And soon almost the whole space is rented out.
To manage and oversee both properties, Lundetangen Kontorpart was established. Lundetangen after the name of the once oldest brewery in Norway. And ‘Kontorpark’ is the Norwegian word Office-park.

Should be interest or in need of office space in the centre of Skien, please take contact. I’m sure we have something of interest.