Petter Hennum photo
Petter Hennum
CEO and Founder of NSG Estate.

In addition CEO and Founder of Norway Steel Group.
With more than 30 years’ experience from both mechanical engineering and construction.  

Petter has also been engaged with project management of large-scale projects world-wide, prior to founding Norway Steel Group in 2004. But steel-supply-management has always been his passion and vision.

From 2013 to 2017, Petter took a leave of absent from Norway Steel Group, to join Norwegian company Kværner as Mechanical and later Construction manager for the construction of the Hebron GBS oil platform in Newfoundland, Canada.

As founder it has always been his mission to build up individuals and teams, preforming to the best of their capabilities, with focus on safety, quality and commitment.
Robert Bader photo
Robert Bader
Director and Founder of NSG Estate.

In addition Director of Norway Steel Group.
Robert has more than 25 years of experience from steel structure within construction industry worldwide.

His wide experience, ranging from calculations and construction to project management, makes him well equipped to understand all aspects of the delivery and the customers’ needs.
Daliah Geisel photo
Daliah Geisel
CEO and Founder of LGN Equity.

For the past 20 years, owner and director of the "Loreley Weinstübchen". Altogether more than 35 years' experience from hotel, restaurant and tourism. Lately I've taken interest in rehabilitation and renting out public housing projects in my hometown of St. Goarshausen, Germany.

Sitting in the municipal council, I take pride and commitment in managing and developing local society, infrastructure and real-estate. Making it a better place for the population, tourists, and the future generations.

Besides family and friends, one my greatest interest are people. Getting to know them and explore new concepts and ideas together, that hopefully will lead to a lifelong friendship.
Holger Feldmaier photo
Holger Feldmaier
Director of LGN Equity.

More than 30 years’ experience from the car industry, with focus on service-oriented product design. Holger is responsible for the coordination of technical processing and planning for the next generation Mercedes chassis.

His interest in restoring old buildings led to undertaking several projects in the Middle Rhein area. With knowledge of the local history and architecture, Holger has proven to be a great asset to the company.
Titik "Tari" Lestari photo
Titik "Tari" Lestari
CEO of NSG Estate Indonesia.

Before joining NSG-Estate I took interrest in setting up my own webshop, and building up a family clothing business in my hometown. In addition to being engaged with insurance, real-estate and financial trading advisor.

My personal interests are adventure, extreme sport, yoga and charity.

Think positive, never give up to be a better person and do good karma.
Terje Holte Nilsen photo
Terje Holte Nilsen
Director of NSG Estate Indonesia.

In addition Co-owner and Director of Seven Stones Indonesia, a fresh new consultancy company doing market entry services for foreign investors, legal advice, sourcing of investments and in particular real estate investments.

Our journey begun with in real estate and tourism but is now offering a larger spectre of services towards international and domestic investors in Indonesia. We build "bridges" between various cultural, political and business challenges.

We have a specific soft spot for eco friendly and socially sustainable projects and investments.

Personal strength in our business is relevant law and regulations for expat investors, tourism trends, macro economics, Indonesian government and regulations.

My personal interests is in sport, adventure, history and personal development including spiritual experiences.

Do good and do well but always in that order.
Tore Løberg photo
Tore Løberg
CEO and Director Lundetangen Kontorpark & Oscarsgate 2B.

In addition to CFO and founder of Advice Consulting Group AS.

With more than 30 years accountant experience.After joining Norway Steel Group as chairman of the board, it only felt as a natural next step establishing Advice Consulting Group.Providing financial advices and accountant services, with focus on the client.

How could I not say yes when asked to join NSG Estate Group as CEO of Lundetangen Kontorpark & Oscardsgate 2b.It’s incredible what creative people can achieve together.